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A Starter Guide for

Engaging Online Meetings

Learning & Leading in the Virtual Classroom

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Put on your "best face" when participating in online meetings and make decisions about how to represent yourself on screen. 

Students and adults should provide their “best face” when presenting themselves in public on the web. We all want to look good. Sometimes however we just don’t WANT or NEED to be seen on screen.


These resources help you reflect on visual digital identity and help you make choices that reflect your priorities.

The skillful practitioner should consider when seeing faces is the best way to meet your learning  objective. We don’t necessarily need to always see a video image.


Presenting yourself well on video is a basic employability skill. As an equity issue we need to also ensure all students have the skills necessary to present our best faces including, when appropriate,  framing, lighting and backgrounds. 

To Be Seen Or Not to Be Seen

To Be Seen or

Not To Be Seen

Deciding how you want to represent yourself in an online meeting

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Change the way the world sees you with a playful avatar

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Virtual Backgounds

Put yourself in another world!

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Stage Your Set

Move the furniture to make the best impression you can!

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Looking Good

on Camera

Simple tips to for

lighting and framing

How to Hide Your Video

How to Hide 

Mute your sound or hide your image when you need a break

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