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A Starter Guide for

Engaging Online Meetings

Learning & Leading in the Virtual Classroom

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Stage Your "Set"

Having people see into your home can be stressful. But you can design your “Set” for how the world sees you. Simply place the camera to show what you WANT to show. 

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How to "Stage" a Good Background

for a Video Meeting 

Just like in Real Estate it is about “Location - Location - Location!”

  • Is the area relatively quiet? Will you be uninterrupted? 

  • Consider moving your desk away from the wall. Instead of showing the full room that people may need to pass through, reverse your desk/table. The camera then simply shows a plain wall. You could place a screen or even hang a sheet or dollar store table cloth. It would help key a virtual background or provide a favorite color.  

  • What do you have to work with for Lighting and Background?

  • A Window is good on the side but bad for the background. You may appear in silhouette and look like you are part of the witness protection program! 

  • A lamp for better lighting can be moved just off camera. Take off the lampshade if more brightness is needed. 

  • If you can light the background separately. Helpful if keying in a virtual background. Will make it cleaner with less digital break up. (Avoid shadows for green screen work.)

  • Are there any photos or posters you’d rather people not see? Consider removing or relocating them.


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