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A Starter Guide for

Engaging Online Meetings

Learning & Leading in the Virtual Classroom

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Just for fun


You can create an illustration to represent yourself or modify a photograph just for fun!

To Create an Avatar:

1. Go to

2. Pick your gender.

3. Choose the face, eyes, hairs, clothes and colors that resemble your face.

4. Pick a background and choose a color for it.

5. Take a screenshot by clicking shift/control and the switch window button.

6. Then go into your files then click the edit tool and crop the photo.

7. Then change whatever picture you like to the avatar you just created.   


Directions by Student Kichelle McShine & Artwork by Student Renalso Benitez Rivera

Changing Skin Tone

in Zoom

  1. Launch the Zoom app 

  2. Click on your profile picture in the upper-right corner. 

  3. Click on Settings, and you should see the option to set your reaction’s skin tone right on the “General” page. You can’t miss it!

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